Education & Outreach

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The mission of HealthCore Clinic is to “provide increased access to quality healthcare services with an unrelenting focus on education and prevention.” This is inherent in the various education and wellness activities that we conduct including diabetes education classes; Zumba fitness classes; nutrition classes; 12 Step groups; Strengthening Families groups; Anger Management Groups; prenatal education classes; and other targeted support groups. Transportation, legal support services, job fairs, health fairs, and community resource fairs are also coordinated through the Clinic. Since 2017, the Clinic has provided health promotion group activities for the refugee community to educate newcomers on how to navigate the healthcare system and address issues associated with transitioning to the United States.

Strengthening Families

  • Free 7-Session, evidence-based Program (Food, Childcare, Transportation)
  • Our goal is to empower families to develop communication skills to build a positive future.
  • Facilitators teach parents how to show love while setting limits.
  • Facilitators teach youth the skills necessary to handle peer pressure in a positive manner.
  • For more information, call 316.691.0249

Wellness & Prevention

  • Free Diabetes Education Classes
  • Free Hypertension Education Classes
  • Free Health Screenings (Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Cholesterol)

For more information call (316) 691-0249

We Accept KanCare / Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Insurance.